Holding an orange, a hand tells tales
Animated by words, images weave with one another
intertwining, pulling, altering each other.
A finger knots a meaning in one
Then drawing back, a loop starts to unravel.
A mouth repeats a gesture until a line is exhausted
leaving utterances void
yet, in the silence none of us is mute.

Tight-Lipped and Tongue-Tied is the final outcome from a three-week workshop through which a group of students of the first specialisation year from the Fine Arts department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, searched for traces of historical matter in contemporary practice and how those findings can be reconfigured into something new.

Dusty Writhing Group with:
Antonia Nannt
Boyan Montero
Clémence Hilaire
Emma Nantermoz-Benoit-Gonin
Suzanne Jensen
Jieun Kim
Jelle van Houten

Graphic Design by Victoria Langmann